Enrichment Experience








The Enrichment Experience

Planned enrichment experiences are an integral part of the Cutler Scholars Program. These enrichment programs are intended to enrich self-understanding, provide insight into civic responsibility and the free enterprise system, and offer meaningful exposure to another culture. Each scholarship provides the bulk of the funding for the enrichment experiences. There is one enrichment experience associated with each school year.

Scholars are encouraged to propose and design enrichment experiences that reflect their own academic or career interests so long as the experiences meet the goals of the program and are approved by the Cutler Scholars Program staff.

Outdoor Leadership

An experience in self-discovery in an outdoor leadership program such as Outward Bound.

Public Service Internship

An unpaid service experience with a not-for-profit organization, governmental or approved non-governmental agency.

Professional Internship

Scholars intern in positions related to their career goals.

International Experience

A work or study abroad experience in the field of the Scholar’s choosing.