Colloquium serves many purposes beyond its central goal of stimulating Scholars’ thinking about crucial issues. It gets Cutler Scholar mentors and mentees together, is a source of news of upcoming campus events, and provides staff the opportunity to check in with each Scholar weekly.

The topics change every semester to reflect current issues, but the format remains the same: Cutler Scholars engage each other in tackling societal problems that will still be issues when they become societal leaders. The wide range of backgrounds among the Scholars, and the variety of academic majors represented ensure that the discussions will incorporate a broad spectrum of viewpoints and that the resulting recommendations for action will be robust.

Guest speakers, drawn from outstanding Ohio faculty as well as visitors to campus, enrich the discussions—and also are a common start to individual mentoring relationships. Recent guests include Distinguished Professor of Economics Richard Vedder.

The diversity within the Cutler Scholar program, in ethnicity, nationality, academic major, and class year ensure that the discussions are lively and well-grounded. Recent discussions of universal health care, for example, have had business majors worried about program costs pitted against pre-med majors concerned about access to care. Conversations on firearms have started debates between urban Scholars keenly aware of gun violence and rural Scholars passionate about hunting.